Music-  Mr. Grekin performed in hundreds of venues as a trombone player for several musical groups, primarily in the Metro Detroit area. Mr. Grekin was honored to participate in the following musical groups, among others:

The Klezmaniacs
The Michigan Alumni Pep Band
The Michigan Basketball Band
The Michigan Marching Band
The Motor City Brass Band

Running and Fitness -  Mr. Grekin has competed in and finished three half–marathons and dozens of 10k races in the Metro Detroit area, most recently the 10k at the 40 th annual Dexter-Ann Arbor Run. Mr. Grekin has also biked through several European countries, primarily with his gorgeous wife. 


“Let your plans be dark and impenetrable as night, and when you move, fall like a thunderbolt.”
Sun Tzu, The Art of War

Joseph K. Grekin


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Joseph K. Grekin is an experienced litigator, negotiator and counselor, with expertise in commercial, bankruptcy and general insolvency issues. Mr. Grekin specializes in representing clients at a tactical or financial disadvantage, using creative and novel methods and arguments to fight tenaciously and professionally to achieve favorable results for his clients.     

Mr. Grekin has represented businesses, individuals, and receivers for nearly twenty years in state, federal, bankruptcy, appellate and administrative courts in several states.  He has extensive experience managing large and complex files, including commercial and bankruptcy litigation, bankruptcy issues, and receivership practice relating to tens of millions of dollars. 

In particular, Mr. Grekin has been a cutting-edge advocate in the field of debtor/creditor issues in the litigation context, and has successfully advocated for his clients in several published cases on a wide variety of issues.  He has extensive trial experience on commercial and insolvency issues, which makes him an able negotiator and advisor not just in litigation, but in other commercial and bankruptcy venues as well, from business formation to insolvency counseling.  Mr. Grekin is a member of the National Association of Federal Equity Receivers.


Mr. Grekin has represented clients with cases in the following jurisdictions:
New York


1994-1995 Judicial Clerk for Chief Justice James H. Brickley, Michigan Supreme Court


Obtained jury verdict in excess of $1.35 million against client’s treasurer on the basis of conversion and fraud despite limited documentation due to efforts by treasurer, who controlled the books of the company, to conceal his actions.

Defended appraiser in lawsuit seeking over $1,000,000 in damages in federal court based on allegations of fraud, breach of fiduciary duty, conversion and conspiracy; the Court dismissed the case without a trial based on Mr. Grekin’s motion.

Represented single-asset real estate Chapter 11 debtor in proceeding to determine whether the debtor’s plan of reorganization was feasible, prevailed in evidentiary hearing despite debtor’s inability as of the date of the hearing to make payments to the lender going forward as required by the Bankruptcy Code, and assisted in obtaining subsequent favorable settlement with lender.

Counsel for federal equity receiver over operating manufacturer with $20 million in annual gross sales, advised on continuance of operations, marketing, sales, and prosecution of potential claims.

Defense of real estate developers in multiple actions by lenders based on guaranties and promissory notes, negotiated settlements reducing debt by over $10 million without permitting any collection proceedings against clients.

Counsel to a large pension trust fund in the foreclosure of a $10 million resort development in northern Michigan, successfully defending against counterclaims alleging lender liability and establishing priority of the trust’s mortgage over multiple construction liens.

Brought adversary proceeding as special counsel to Chapter 7 trustee against corporate parent of bankrupt automotive supplier based on preferences, fraudulent transfers and substantive consolidation which resulted in seven figure settlement and the likely distribution to all unsecured creditors of 100 cents on the dollar for all approved claims.

In an action on behalf of a toolmaker which contracted with a now bankrupt tier two automotive supplier to build tools for a tier one supplier, where typical mold builder lien claims were potentially defective, brought action against tier one automotive supplier based on novel agency theory; settled for about 60 cents on the dollar.

Represented Chapter 7 trustee in various matters related to the liquidation of the assets of a nursing home, including but not limited to the evaluation of and drafting objections to claims, and providing counsel regarding complex adversary proceeding prosecuted by special counsel. 

Represented business owner in preparing and filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy proceeding, successfully negotiated settlement with the Chapter 7 trustee in which business owner was able to retain ownership of business, which provided business owner with employment and salary, all while discharging substantial unsecured debts.

Defended prominent local businessman in lawsuit brought by lender based on alleged defaults under loan documents, brought counterclaim against lender for conversion of cashier’s checks, and negotiated settlement whereby client received payment from lender.