Schafer and Weiner Files Grand Rapids Tiki Restaurant in Chapter 11

November, 2020

Joseph Grekin and John Stockdale Jr. assisted a pair of debtors that collectively operate a tiki-themed restaurant in downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan with filing subchapter V, chapter 11, bankruptcy cases.  A subchapter V, chapter 11, bankruptcy case is designed to quickly and cost-efficiently reorganize a business having aggregate non-contingent debts below $7.5 million.  Joe and John successfully represented the debtors through the pre-filing phase and first day motion hearings, which have allowed the restaurant to remain open and operating in the chapter 11 environment and paving the way for a successful reorganization.  The cases are now consolidated under In re Authentiki, LLC, Case No. 20-03322, pending before the Bankruptcy Court for the Western District of Michigan.