In Memory of

Arnold Schafer - 1948-2007

Our firm continues to honor the memory of Co-Founding Partner Arnold Schafer, who passed away on October 27th, 2007. A brilliant lawyer, Arnie was a trusted advisor to clients as well as a cherished mentor to the many attorneys with whom he worked.

Arnie was nationally regarded for his legal work of more than 30 years. No one was more skilled at guiding a client through difficult times, either inside or outside bankruptcy court. Over and over again, Arnie achieved results for his clients that seemed impossible, through his keen legal insights, hard work, and his stubborn refusal to accept less than what he felt was fair.

Arnie was more than just an outstanding lawyer. He was kind and generous to a fault, with a unique way of putting people at ease, and a sense of humor that lifted spirits in times of stress. Arnie’s giving soul, as well as his determined legal philosophy, will always be a foundation of our firm.