Out-of-Court Workouts

There’s often more than one option if your business can’t meet its financial obligations. An out-of-court workout may be an alternative that lets you quickly reorganize your debt so you can regain a solid financial standing.

Under this arrangement, you make a contractual agreement with your creditors for all, or part of what you owe. Payment can be made in a single installment or over time, with minimal impact to your business operations. We’ve done it for these companies, and we can do it for you, too:

  • Represented a leading Tier 1 and Tier 2 $150 mm automotive supplier in two corporate restructurings followed by a creative combined shareholder/creditor workout resulting in significant value being paid to both constituencies. By no means, a small feat.
  • Guided a billion dollar automotive supplier through an inexpensive and highly successful exit from a deeply troubled, sole sourced supplier. With litigation ready to go if necessary, we negotiated a strong deal and protected the supply chain.

If settling matters without a judge’s gavel is an option for your business, we’ll expertly guide you through the process. 

Out of Court Workouts