Mr. Mayer enjoys biking, hiking, kayaking and cooking.

Leon N. Mayer


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Mr. Mayer specializes in individual and commercial bankruptcy and out-of-court workouts. He has represented debtors, creditors, and trustees in various Chapter 7 and Chapter 11 cases. These representations have involved numerous individuals, and various business entities, including manufacturers, real estate developers and small businesses in various debtor-creditor matters. Mr. Mayer has also represented debtors in litigation in bankruptcy, state, federal and administrative law courts.

  • Prior to attending law school, Mr. Mayer practiced public accounting and worked in management in the automotive and distribution industries.

Mr. Mayer has represented clients with cases in the following jurisdictions:
New York


Quiroz v Michigan Dep’t of Treasury (In re Quiroz), 472 B.R. 434 (E.D. Mich. 2012)


Represented regional, heat set, web printer on the verge of being shut down by its electricity supplier and secured creditors. After unsuccessfully marketing the business through an investment banker, changed direction and negotiated a consensual §363 sale of all assets to the debtor’s existing owner, which the court approved over the US Trustee’s objection.  As a result, a modest return to unsecured creditors was provided, and approximately 100 manufacturing jobs were saved.

Represented a large veterinarian clinic subject to substantial mortgage debt, which the clinic was unable to continue servicing. Filed Chapter 11 and held a §363 sale of the entire clinic. As a result, the clinic’s operations continued and all jobs were preserved.

Represented a manufacturing company and its principals in an out-of-court wind down. Successfully negotiated forbearance agreements with secured lenders, and shielded principals from personal liability.

Represented a real estate developer in negotiating with lenders to wind down various business ventures and limited personal liability.

Represented an individual Chapter 7 debtor with assets of approximately $20,000 and liabilities of approximately $800,000, including over $600,000 of IRS tax liability. Successfully obtained a discharge of all debts.

Represented an individual Chapter 7 debtor with assets of approximately $600,000 and liabilities of approximately $3.3 million, and who was sued to except $1 million of debt from discharge. Successfully defended the nondischargability action and obtained a complete discharge of all debts.

Represented an individual debtor subject to a nondischargable judgment of $1,700,000 in Federal Court. Defended debtor against collection actions and eventually negotiated settlement which only provided for turnover of real property interests in which debtor had no equity in full satisfaction of judgment.

Successfully defended and prosecuted numerous bankruptcy preference actions.