Schafer and Weiner, PLLC Collects 100% of Judgment

December, 2022

A judgment debtor paid 100% of the judgment after John Stockdale, Jr. and Brandi M. Dobbs created significant holiday litigation pressure on him and his non-debtor spouse.  In 2020 and after significant litigation, Schafer and Weiner obtained a judgment against a business and its owner as a discovery sanction.  Despite the judgment, the judgment creditor refused post-judgment to produce documents or sit for a creditor’s examination.  As a result, Schafer and Weiner successfully obtained a contempt order against him that included the right to have a bench warrant issued for the judgment debtor for his failure to participate post-judgment discovery.  Schafer and Weiner also sought a bench warrant against the judgment debtor’s wife as a contempt sanction when she also failed to appear for her creditor’s examination. The pre-holiday leverage created against judgement debtor and his non-judgment debtor spouse caused the judgment debtor to fully retire the obligation and avoid jail over the holiday season.